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At K9 Trust, our passion is our dogs. We rescue dogs that are scheduled for euthanasia due to behavior issues, shelter over-crowding, or medical care expenses, then rehabilitate and train them for life as a companion, therapy, or service animal.

We are a recognized 501(c)(3) public charity.

All donations to us are tax-deductible for you, and are used solely to further our mission to provide our dogs with the best life they can possibly live!

Saving one dog will not change the world.

But for that one dog, the world will change forever

Karen Davison

Each year, approximately 670,000 shelter dogs are euthanized. The number of dogs euthanized in U.S. shelters annually has declined from approximately 1.2 million in 2011. This decline can be partially explained by an increase in the number of dogs adopted and in the number of strays successfully returned to their owners.

But there’s still more work to do!

Here's How You Can Help!

Every dog deserves a home where they are loved.

Our wonderful volunteer fosters help to reinforce the rehabilitation training we’ve provided our dogs by adhering to the individual dog’s training program while they wait to be adopted. Our fosters are provided necessary medical care, and training support for their foster dogs free of charge. In return, they provide our dogs with the love and care needed to help them rebuild their trust in us humans. They also help by providing space for those dogs that are not quite ready to trust us or are awaiting a foster to take them in.

At the end of the long road of rehabilitation, trust building, and training, our adoptive families get a lifelong companion that they can trust will give them all the love a dog can. For those adoptive individuals who are getting a therapy or service dog, the trust that has been built between them and their partner is matched only by the love their dog has for them.

Learn About Our Foster Program Here

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself

Collectively, the staff at K9 Trust have been working with and training dogs for over half a century. We’ve had some ups and downs, but we’ve never had a dog “fail”. Every failure we’ve experienced in our time with dogs has been our own mistakes and failures, not the dog’s, and we’ve learned from every ego-killing one of them.

For the public, our training programs start with our puppy socialization classes and move up until your dog has been granted her Canine Good Citizen certification. For our rescues, we custom work a training and behavior modification program specifically for the individual dog to help them overcome their mistrust of humans, and to again regain confidence in their own ability to live a wonderful life.

For our rescues who show the compassion and aptitude for working as a therapy or service dog, their training becomes more intense. Our therapy/service programs are tailored toward the end outcome of our rescues becoming healers and caregivers.

A Service Dog knows you better than yourself.

Our therapy dogs have been specifically chosen and trained for their compassion, their love, and their empathy. They are the embodiment of what Love is and are proof that love can heal all wounds. They might not be pretty, but they are exactly what the doctor ordered!

We are currently working on building our therapy brigade so that they can provide healing and advocacy to care centers all over Colorado. Once fully staffed, some of our brigade will also be tasked with accompanying our disaster response team to help with recovery of the affected communities.

Our service dogs are paired with a handler early in their training, but only after speaking with the handler in need, and then developing a tasking and caregiving plan for the dog to learn so that they may appropriately and correctly care for their handler. These dogs are the pinnacle of our training program as they have given up their ability to be lazy and grow fat in a comfortable home, so that they may care for their handler on a 24/7 basis. We have yet to meet a service dog, however, that was disgruntled in their job.


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